“Thanks for making me sweat through my anxiety.”

In summer 2017 I was so insecure that I felt like I couldn't wear shorts or tank tops... I knew I needed to make a change in my life. I was so lucky to have Catrina help me get started with my weight loss and confidence gain journey, I lost more than 10lbs in less than 2 months, my body changed a lot and I gained so much confidence that after two months I wore shorts for the first time in my life.
Catrina's given me the confidence to work out hard—I am no longer afraid of looking like the rookie in the weight room from the wealth of knowledge and techniques she's provided to me.
Thank you, Catrina for teaching me how to train effectively. Thank you for making our workouts very fun and full of laughter, and for making me sweat through my anxiety."
— SI

“Thank you for finding a hole in this industry that so greatly needed to be filled.”

Working with Catrina this past month has been amazing. Before, I found most personal training to focus solely on aesthetics and how you look; Catrina is so much more than that. You still work hard and see amazing changes in your body but she also cares about your mental health as well. This is something that is so important and is missing in this industry! I can't say enough good things about Catrina. Before, I was going to the gym 4 times a week and seeing no changes. She's completely revamped my workouts, showed me how to lift properly, taught me proper form, gave me confidence in AND out of the gym. She always keeps things varied and fun, and pushes you to be the best you can be. You will leave her sessions feeling stronger, both physically, AND mentally. THANK YOU Catrina for being so amazing and for finding a hole in this industry that so greatly needed to be filled!!

— SJ

 It's been such a joy training with her!

Been with Catrina for almost a year now and I must say, it's been such a joy training with her! She's definitely helped me reach my fitness goals and pushed me beyond my limits. Been through some hard times physically and she helped me in managing being fit even when it can be challenging. She's also kept me sane being new in the city (and in the country!); plus she makes sure I stay on track with my diet. In a lot of ways, Catrina's my ROCKSTAR! 

— AW

“Catrina makes working out fun!”

Catrina makes working out fun! I usually find it hard to make work out's interesting, but the way Catrina switches it up makes it so much better! No matter what level you are at, she caters to you and your specific, personal targets.

— SM

Positive, passionate, and professional.”

I've been training with Catrina for several months and I've made more progress with her than I have in YEARS solo. Her upbeat attitude is infectious - it makes me pumped about gym days rather than dreading them. She keeps every day varied and engaging!

It's especially refreshing to have a trainer that so strongly believes in the importance of mental health and its relation to physical health. It's a wonderful reminder that self-care goes beyond just exercise. Every session with her is a blast, not to mention you'll definitely get your sweat on!

— RB

I've seen a huge improvement in my body...and mindset!

My friend and I started working out with Catrina a few months ago and since then I've seen a huge improvement in my body...and mindset! Catrina is super knowledgeable about everything muscle/body related but the best thing is she's also very focused on the importance of mental health and gut health. Very professional yet fun and friendly- my experience having Catrina as a personal trainer has been amazing from day one. I feel so much more confident going into the gym now, equipped with new exercises and knowledge. Many of my friends have noticed a difference in me too. Now I have friends asking if they can train with me! Haha! 
Thanks Catrina! You're the best! 


“I’m more confident, self-aware and STRONG.

I didn't even realize how big of a difference there was in my body until I casually compared a current photo to a photo from a few months back. It's amazing what simple, everyday changes can do for your brain and your body! Thanks for making my day-to-day more mindful; I feel so much more confident, self-aware and STRONG.

— CM