meet catrina

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Holistic Health Coach (ICF)
Co-Founder of the Connection Project BC
Bachelor of Communications
Future Holistic Nutritionist


Before I took the leap to become a trainer, I was semi-fresh out of a university degree and extremely fresh out of a anxiety/depression spiral.

Bringing movement and mindfulness into my life changed everything and steered me in an unexpected direction that I am so grateful for. I work to bring the positive and empowering experience I have had with exercise to each of my clients through functional movements, strength-training, breathwork and HARD work.

Though my training style varies from client to client, we always focus on mindset, confidence, strength and connection.

Those who once felt uneasy in the gym are now lifting and swinging around all the bells—barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells! Teaching my clients the jargon of the gym and how to feel confident moving around it is key. It's also my priority to make exercise as fun as possible; there's no need to make your self-care a drag. Let's enjoy movement and take the fear out of training.

I also know what it's like to not feel in control of your health, body and mind; I am open about my struggles with anxiety and depression. And though those things have made life challenging for me in the past, dedicating my life to training and healthy living has given me the confidence to be independent, as I have way more trust in my body and its capabilities. I am constantly learning and pushing my body and my brain to work together and it feels SO GOOD! It's my hope that I can inspire my clients to live with less fear and more consciousness (and more laughter!); because when we live in the moment with our bodies, we can truly feel alive.

As a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, I also offer outside-the-gym assistance to my clients to support their health journey. If you are interested exclusively in one-on-one health coaching, that can also be arranged.

If you are interested in learning more about my training style and how I can help you translate fitness, confidence and consciousness into you living your best life, let's talk.


where to start?

Getting serious about your health can feel overwhelming. Here are a few simple tips to get started:

  1. Just start. Even if it’s just a 20 minute, intentional walk each day or a conscious effort to eat something colourful.

  2. Ask for help. Knowledge is power. If you need help, there are pros there to guide you.

  3. Don’t fear the unfamiliar. Stepping foot into a gym, trying out a boxing class, going for a swim; if it’s something you haven’t done before, start slow! But trying new things is the spice of life and those endorphins will make it all worth it.

For more tips on how to get moving, reduce your anxiety and live well, check out the blog.

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